Lifestyle Photography Equipment – What you currently have!

I’m often approached and asked by many; “Have you check out the latest and greatest camera gear, I’m looking into buying it, what are your thought on it?” Honestly, that’s a serious question that stops me in my tracks.  Let me explain. Most of the photographers who ask me that question also confide that they are

Fine Art Photography, And A Purpose

I believe that everyone matters; life experiences matter, and most importantly, no one should ever be forgotten! Years will come and go and you will get older.  You will have to rely on your memory or the memory of someone else to remember your happy and beautiful moments; Your life experiences and the person you

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary – Home At Last! | Book Release

Home At Last! Is a High Quality, Fine Art, Digital Photographic Book. It is the individual stories, expression and character of each of the Horses at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. The stories about how each horse found their way “Home At Last” to a place where there is Hope, Healing and Happiness; a place where

Finding Stella | Bay Area Rock Band | Book Release

Bay Area Rock Band With A Twist Of Attitude is a High Quality, Digital Photographic book of the Indie Rock Band “Finding Stella“. The Band consisting of Chris Snyder, Victoria Ovieda, Rich Flynn and Tim Christmon performing at the Vezèr Family Vineyard in Suisun Valley, California. Finding Stella Bay Area Rock Band… By Ang Carrion