Fine Art Photography, And A Purpose

Posted on 12 February 2014

I believe that everyone matters; life experiences matter, and most importantly, no one should ever be forgotten!

Years will come and go and you will get older.  You will have to rely on your memory or the memory of someone else to remember your happy and beautiful moments; Your life experiences and the person you loved most; The one that is or was important in your life; And the one that is or was dear and near to your heart.

But what happens after so many years, or when nature takes its course?  Your mind and memories slowly start to fade and you forget.  The first thing that goes is how your loved one physically looked, and then the memories of what they were like.  The only thing that fills that hole, that gap, the fading of memory and the fact that they did exist, that they where here full of life and that they matter so much in this world is “A Picture, A Photograph”.

If they were born into this world, then no one should ever be forgotten, they matter and are important to someone, no matter what their station in life is and no matter where life’s journey takes them or has taken them.  They are someone’s wife, life partner, grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, husband, grandfather, father, son, brother or uncle.

They are and were here, they exist and existed and they are and were human beings.

To take a Portrait and make the individual look and feel beautiful, sexy, gentle or powerful.

To be as creative as you want to be and have the permission to reach for the impossible.

To take a picture of a real life landscape and turn it into a surreal place or push it to the brink of a fantasy world.  It is there in the Landscape that I found my love, wonder and spiritual affinity for nature one summer as a child.  My eyes opened, beauty reveled itself and my spirit soared freely with no sense of time.

Mother Nature gave me a sense of peace and a truth that all things are possible. All you have to do is open yourself to it, believe and dream, with a child like simplicity.

That is my purpose; and why I create fine art photography.


Enjoy, Respect and Love what you do.
This is Fine Art Photography with a touch of Elegance, Style, Charisma!


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