Lifestyle Photography Equipment – What you currently have!

I’m often approached and asked by many; “Have you check out the latest and greatest camera gear, I’m looking into buying it, what are your thought on it?”

Honestly, that’s a serious question that stops me in my tracks.  Let me explain. Most of the photographers who ask me that question also confide that they are on a very tight budget and really don’t have the money to spend.  Yet, they are seriously considering going into debt to obtain the new gear.  So WHY would they do that?!  The reasons I often here;  they have been led to believe, for years, that in order to take great photographs you need the latest equipment.  Then add insult to injury; you need the latest equipment to be considered a “professional” or even a serious amateur aspiring to becoming a professional.

This is the time when you want to be completely honest with yourself.

Here’s the bottom line and many will disagree with me:  There should only be (2) reasons for you to get the latest and greatest photography equipment. Continue reading “Lifestyle Photography Equipment – What you currently have!”